BOT Opens Academy in Coimbatore

Coimbatore Feb2020

BOT VFX is proud to announce the opening of BOT VFX ACADEMY in Coimbatore, India, where students will be trained in the skills essential to the visual effects industry. “Our growth comes from growing our base of artist talent, and over the years we’ve seen a sharp rise in students interested in visual effects. So we have built a facility geared towards training such raw talent,” said Deepak Bohra, Co-Founder and Head of Business Affairs of BOT VFX. “We located the facility in Coimbatore to attract students from the city and the surrounding region who might not otherwise make it to our Chennai facility,” he expanded. 

The academy will provide between three to nine months of training to students in the areas of rotoscopy, paint-prep, and matchmove.  The training will focus on not just the principles and the software tools, but will also include a significant amount of practical training from seasoned leadership who have had many years of production experience.  “We want to produce a trained talent pool that is equipped to handle the challenges of live production by the end of their training. To that goal, we’re investing in the people and the pipeline, and providing practical experience so that the artists are ready to hit the ground running when they’re done,”  explained Sreyans Bardia, Co-Founder and Director of BOT’s India Operations. 

This school has been certified as an education facility in the state of Tamil Nadu in India, and first opened its doors in October 2019. The Academy is also associated with the Media and Entertainment Skills Council and the Ministry of Skill Development, India to offer paid apprenticeships to candidates.  Several industry-leading software makers are supporting BOT Academy, including Foundry, maker of the compositing software Nuke. 

Those interested in the BUILD-A-BOT internship at BOT VFX ACADEMY can apply here.