BOT VFX Opens Doors to a New Centre in Hyderabad


We are thrilled to announce our expansion to the city of Nizams, after setting foot in the vibrant city of Pune. Hyderabad’s unique blend of cosmopolitan culture, comprehensive ecosystem, and ever-growing pool of domestic and international VFX artists make it a perfect destination for our growth. As our Head of Business Growth, Sukumar Sreenivas, notes, Hyderabad is a distinct linguistic and cultural destination that amalgamates the best of India’s diversity. The vibrant city of pearls, with its talented workforce, global presence, and passion for filmmaking, provides a strategic destination to cater to the high-end demand in VFX.

“BOT VFX is dedicated to foster a positive work culture and is committed to building a truly global VFX Studio that nurtures our artists and employees. Our Geographical footprint is spread across Chennai, Coimbatore, Pune Atlanta and now to Hyderabad. This is because we recognize the importance of providing a conducive space for collaboration, reliable infrastructure, and adherence to client security expectations.”

As a company that prides itself on its exceptional work and values, BOT VFX is excited to work with Hyderabad’s diverse talent pool with a special focus on Compositing and CG. We believe that our Hyderabad branch will play a vital role in expanding our capabilities and expertise in these areas. “We are super-excited to add the Hyderabad Center to our expanding footprint. The possibilities are endless,” says Hitesh Shah, Founder and CEO of BOT VFX.

Surendra Nath P, our Associate Head of Production, is thrilled about our expansion in Hyderabad and believes that our new center is the perfect place to discover new talent and create exceptional visual effects. He adds, “రండి కలసి అద్భుతాలు సృష్టిదం,” which translates to “Let’s create wonders together.”

If you’re a VFX artist, producer, or engineer looking for an opportunity to join a vibrant and nurturing work culture, look no further! BOT VFX is always on the lookout for promising talent across the country and the globe. Apply now at to become a part of our incredible journey.