Silhouette Streamlines BOT’s Work on Stranger Things

Stranger Things - Silhouette botvfx

For the twelve years of BOT VFX’s existence, Silhouette has played a central role as the company’s go-to tool for roto and paint. This strong alliance proved to be strategic in delivering convincing shots for the Netflix hit series Stranger Things. 

Even with the demands of creating some very unusual environments in Stranger Things, Silhouette exceeded BOT’s typically high expectations. Because roto and paint were so intertwined in creating the desired look, the BOTs found Silhouette’s integrated approach and compositing nodes to be a tremendous boon to their creative process.  

“There was one particularly challenging sequence of Stranger Things that required a skillful combination of roto and paint to sell an environment as a truly dark and empty void, but with characters, props, and set pieces involved,” recalled Zameer Hussain AK, BOT’s Creative Director.  “It wasn’t just about masking out sections of the frame and dropping black into it.  There were many nuances like water reflections and contact points where the content needed to remain. We relied on Silhouette to pour on a lot of paint love to make it work.”

Hitesh Shah, CEO and Founder of BOT VFX, observed:  “Stranger Things gave us a lot of reasons to appreciate how Silhouette streamlined the process of achieving the look the Duffer brothers were going for.  The BOTs really appreciate the craftsmanship of the tool that enables this kind of storytelling.” 

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