The BOT Workshop @ Visual Arts Fest by MOP Vaishnav College

The BOT Workshop

“As Knowledge Increases, Wonder Deepens”, perhaps precisely what the BOT Trio of Sreyans, Sankara and Srikant, on invitation from the MOP Vaishnav College for Women, set out to achieve as they spread the word on the magical world of VFX at the Annual Visual Arts Fest hosted by MOP Vaishnav College. An informal session on the Scope of VFX in Films which started with some jaw-dropping videos and progressing to the nuts and bolts of how visual effects is done coupled with some serious talking and guidance on Careers in the VFX Industry that concluded with an interesting (and we might say popularly extended) Q&A Session. While the organizers and students were very inspired with the session, the BOT team was even more inspired – thanks to the guided tour of the display gallery hosting some amazing and creative work of the students.

As we continue to spread the magic of VFX, what is fulfilling is that the vibrancy, energy and enthusiasm of the students rubs on to us and inspires us to continue to do what every creative artist aspires ie., to do the “Undone”.