Supervisor Sean Pollack Joins BOT’s Atlanta Office

Sean Pollack Joins BOT

BOT VFX has upped its game with the recent addition of VFX veteran Sean Pollack at its Atlanta office.  Sean is a creative innovator with a three-decade track record of groundbreaking work on a host of award-winning projects. Sean joins BOT as an Associate VFX Supervisor, bringing a solid base of experience, both as a creative leader who helps artists get shots over the goal line, as well as a multi-talented on-the-box artist who can jump in when needed. 

Pollack gained his credentials at facilities such as DreamWorks, Turner Broadcasting, Crafty Apes, and Tyler Perry Studios on projects ranging from animated feature films Antz and Oscar-winning Shrek, to Visual Effects and design on award-winning feature films, commercials, and episodic TV.  Equally comfortable as VFX Supervisor, Creative Director, CG Supervisor, Technical Director, 3D Generalist and Compositor, he elevates the work with his creative and technical vision.

Sean combines a traditional art background with nerd know-how to solve any challenge.  He is feeling right at home with his fellow bots who share his high value for the pursuit of continual improvement and professional excellence. “I really like trying new things, not playing it safe, to always be open to better ways.” observes Pollack. “The BOT culture champions this approach. We’re a family here, learning from each other, doing great work together, and enjoying the ride.” 

“We’re excited to have Sean on-board,” remarked Hitesh Shah, CEO & Founder of BOT VFX. “What attracted us to bringing him onto our team is that, in addition to his wealth of experience and his creative eye, Sean brings a calm demeanor and clear methodical approach that’s important in delivering work in an creatively demanding environment.” Shah also noted that Sean’s presence in the Atlanta office also offers an East Coast time-zone advantage to many of BOT’s clients in North America, making creative collaboration possible during their workday, when much of the India team is unavailable.

When not immersed in artistic challenges, Sean can often be found sipping chai and munching on snacks.